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Manufacturing Capability

     After more than20 years’ development, VIGO group has built up a set of advanced productionmanagement system. It is such a system that forms a powerful manufacturingcapability, including developing products independently, designing and makingmolds and frock clamps, injection molding, coating and silk-screen, makingelectric cables and wiring harness, production system of products’ assembly,inspection and testing.  In addition,with a rigorous and progressive production management method, VIGO promises thehigh quality and high efficiency of production.

     As the validguarantee of  improving efficiency andquality, efforts on machines and effective management are VIGO’s corecompetitive advantages. With the attitude of continuous innovation and keeping improving, VIGO dedicates to providingcustomers with professional industrial products and creating greater values forthe society and the customers.

    ·  We have 50injection molding machines, ranging from 40 T to 1450 T and equipped withthree-axis servo robot arms;

    ·  We have acoating dust-free workshop of  10,000grade constant temperature and humidity, coating with robot arms;

    ·  We are able tomake silk-screen, pad printing, thermo compression,  ultrasonic welding, thermo print, etc.;

    ·  We haveprofessional assembly ability, making core parts, components and final assemblymultiple arts into synchronous production;

    ·  We standardizelogistic management, reducing  processflow waste, creating convenient and effective logistics;

    ·  We have automatic production and assembly units to design productioninstruments and fixtures.